Essenza Di Vita

Life is but an instant, and the instants that leave their mark are those that form the very essence of your soul.

Feel, connect, break the rules, enjoy, dream… Learn to live, to forget everything and begin each day afresh. Forget fashion; create your own trend. Elegance is not in your clothes, it's in your skin; it’s your fragrance. Our new Eligia range of fragrances for men and women imbues each moment with fragrance and makes the mundane something truly remarkable.

Make each moment with a fragrance!

Seek moments that are unique and leave an indelible mark. Use all your resources to create them. Now you have one more tool at hand: Eligia. Our brand of fragrances is designed to ensure each instant you experience is intense and long lasting. Ela, Turchese, Charlize, Osmantus, Cassis and Julietta are our six fragrances for women. Unico, Blu, Gea and Silver are the four fragrances in the Eligia men’s line. Ten creations expressed two ways with a design and finish that radiates elegance and simplicity.

Relive what never happened and forget what is to come. Seize the day because only you can live your life. Choose your fragrance and create your moments now.

About Laboratorios Natuaromatic

The experience of Laboratorios Natuaromatic in the perfume, cosmetics and home fragrance sectors has consolidated its position as a benchmark company in terms of the development and manufacture of high-quality products and their positioning in both Spanish and international markets.

All our personnel are highly qualified in their respective areas, and are fully aware of their ethical and commercial responsibilities. The whole company works hard to ensure that all our activities help care for the environment, foster development and safeguard natural resources.

Laboratorios Natuaromatic ensures continuous commitment to quality and safety in all our processes to guarantee a correct production of fragrances. The company is also fully committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud to hold the ISO 9001 management certificate. Moreover, the laboratories follow a manufacturing protocol based on Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products in accordance with international regulation ISO 22716.

Research and innovation has been a company priority since the beginning. This is demonstrated by the investment we have made to expand the facilities and is reflected in the equipment used in the manufacturing of our perfumes, and our cosmetic and home fragrance lines.

We innovate and perform research to ensure we can offer our clients the best formulas in fragrances and cosmetics.

Our latest innovation is our new perfume brand Eligia. From the essence of innovation in our laboratory, Eligia, Essence of Life was born.